Commercial Plumbing

DC Advance Plumbing is a commercial plumbing services company that specialises in the fit-out of major plumbing projects. We have been operating successfully for over 10 years, throughout Sydney and surrounding areas.  Due to our expert knowledge and ability to meet deadlines even under difficult circumstances, we are recognised as an innovative industry leader.

We are currently undertaking a number of extensive projects across Sydney. We work with builders and developers on all types of commercial and industrial plumbing projects. Our experience, reliability and professionalism in plumbing and drainage combined with innovation and commitment, allow us to ensure that the plumbing in your construction project is delivered to scope, budget and on schedule.

Our commercial plumbers are fully licenced, accredited, insured, trained and experienced to implement the range of all strata, commercial and industrial plumbing services for all commercial projects across Western Sydney.

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We have the skills and expertise to take on any plumbing project

We can look after a range of works for all your commercial plumbing projects. Whether it’s for a new retail store or to fit off the plumbing for a new restaurant, we can complete it on time and on budget. 

Experts in plumbing issues such as blocked drains, blocked sewers, blocked stormwater pipes, sewer relining, jet blasting, CCTV plumbing, pipe relining, sewer renewal/replacement, and stormwater renewal/replacement.
Whatever your dream renovation looks like, we’ll get it done. We strive to perform bathroom and kitchen renovations using top quality materials. So that every aspect of your home resembles your personality and the design aesthetic of your house.

We constantly improve our processes in order achieve excellence with a focus on towards occupational health & safety practices.

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Residential Plumbing

DC Advance Plumbing are one of the most trusted residential plumbing and pipe relining contractors in the Sydney area. We have gained an excellent reputation for expert services and for providing you with long-term solutions that are both more affordable and less disruptive to your family or business. 

We consider your needs so that we can provide the best solutions. From fittings to layout, our quality workmanship and exceptional customer service will ensure your satisfaction. Keeping in line with both budget and deadline is always an important aspect of any renovation project we engage with.

Blocked Drains and Inspections

We understand that blocked drains are a huge inconvenience. When you call DC Advance Plumbing, you can trust us to attend your home as soon as possible. We will ensure your plumbing issues are resolved so you can get on with your plans.

 Getting your gutters and drains checked regularly will help to avoid any issues in the future. Making sure that all pipes and drains are in good condition is a worthy investment

At DC Advance Plumbing, we have a team of expert plumbers who understand how blocked drains can affect your family plans or disrupt your business. Regardless of the situation, our professional plumbers are ready to take on the challenge!

The consequences of block drains can lead to structural damage, flooding and damage to carpets, floorboards, walls and ceilings. Not forgetting, damage to the drains themselves. So, don’t wait till it’s too late.

Why Choose DC Advance Plumbing?


Pipe Relining

Plumbing systems in the Hills District have become old and damaged over time.  We are seeing an increase in the need for plumbing services such as pipe relining, sewer relining repair or replacement.

Pipe relining is a relatively modern technique that has emerged over time in response to more people wanting an environmentally friendly option for repair work on their property; pipe relining is different from other types of piping repair because it requires special skills and knowledge about how best to install a liner system which provides permanent relief without having to replace your entire system like you would if using traditional methods.

The advantages of pipe relining are numerous. With the pipe relining process, no excavation work is required The pipe relining technique avoids the need for excavation work or removal and disposal of damaged pipe material like broken joints, corroded pipes, etc. Just a small hole is required at each end of the damaged pipe section where a new pipe will be inserted inside an existing pipeline.

DC Advance Plumbing have brought innovation and experience to save time and money while delivering superior service.  At DC Advance we use the latest technology in plumbing. We use in-drain camera inspection and the latest drain relining procedures. Contact DC Plumbing today, before it is too late.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

DC Advance Plumbing are hands-down the best choice for plumbing services, quality bathroom and kitchen plumbing, all done at a competitive price. We specialise in installing all types and all brands of bathroom fixtures and kitchen essentials.

The kitchen forms the heart and soul of any home. It is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.  Likewise, the bathroom is another prominent feature that adds immense value to a home. It is a key selling point as well as a buying attraction. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to update and invest in these two spaces every now and then.

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing forms a pivotal aspect of any bathroom or kitchen renovation. From laying water lines and supply pipes to fixture instalments.  So, why sacrifice functionality and performance over price?

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