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All across Sydney, pipes that were completely functional when they were first installed are failing due to age, frequent use and an increased demand on the system. Replacing and upgrading these pipes, however, used to be a costly and time consuming affair. It involved digging up your property.
However, at DC Advance we use the latest technology in plumbing. We use in-drain camera inspection and the latest drain relining procedures. Contact DC Plumbing today, before you regret not having your pipes relined.

    Some of the benefits of pipe relining are:

    • No mess and efficient: Pipe relining doesn’t mean digging up your property, which makes the procedure less messy and more convenient and efficient.
    • Minimal damage: Relining doesn’t require you to work on the whole pipe since you only need access to one point. This way, we won’t have to destroy asphalts, replace driveways, etc.
    • Cost effective: This job is more accurate and efficient, which makes the whole process faster and much more simple. This method will save you more money than digging up your whole property.
    • Durable: Not only is relining long-lasting, it is also very guaranteed and common nowadays
    • Advanced technology: The lining created by the epoxy resin is hard and solid, which makes it very durable and long-lasting. Also, relining prevents future leaks and damages because it lines the old pipe.
    • Water flow: By relining your pipe, the inner surface will become much smoother, increasing the water flow compared to clay and steel pipes.


    • You deserve Sydney’s most recommended and trusted plumbers
    • We have many years experience in expert plumbing
    • We consistently deliver a friendly, professional service
    • We develop a rapport with our customers
    • We communicate with you throughout the project
    • You can trust us because safety is our priority


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    I originally engaged Daniel and the team at DC Advance Plumbing to attend to a blocked drain at my home and I’ve since used them at our office in Blacktown.
    Samantha & Ron
    Arndell Park
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    DC Advance Plumbing renovated the two bathrooms in our home. They did a wonderful job. We were all very happy with the outcome and their professionaism. We knew what was happening the whole way through the project.