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Have a Granny Flat? New Changes for Landlords

If you rent out a granny flat and want to charge your tenants separately for their water usage, it’s essential to abide by the new legislative changes for water meters. As effective of the 23rd March 2020, granny flats must be fitted with a Sydney Water registered water metre in order to be charged separately for this utility. With these new regulations, landlords will need to make important adjustments. To help provide clarity, we’ve put together answers to the most common questions we’ve been receiving.

1. Why do I need a separate metre for the granny flat?

An amendment to the definition of ‘separately metered’ under the Residential Tenancies Act (2010) lists a number of provisions that must be met. These include that the meter must meet Australian Standards and must enable a separate bill to be issued by the supplier. In this way, the key difference is that the meter must be registered by Sydney Water and receive a separate bill accordingly. A tenant is not required to pay the utility bill unless the landlord provides them with this bill.

2. When do I need to have this installed?

This became effective as of 23rd March 2020, so it’s important to have this resolved as soon as possible. Urgency is key, and no landlord wants to be left in a position where they are unable to charge their tenant for water usage! The process is nice and easy, so we’d recommend resolving this issue as soon as you can.

3. What is the process for installation?

If this sounds like something that your granny flat is in need of, we can help! Our process is simple and will ensure your granny flat stays compliant. Firstly, we’ll have a chat over the phone to discuss the issue and gain an understanding of your needs. Then, we’ll ask for some photos to be sent through to make the process a bit easier for you and avoid the need for a site visit. Once we’ve had a look we can book a date and time to install the required valves and get everything fitted and prepared. We’ll even complete your Sydney Water application to streamline the process, and finally, Sydney Water will visit to install the meter.

We understand how important it is to landlords to ensure everything is compliant and properly managed, so we hope this has cleared up any questions you may have had. Of course, if you have any more questions or would like us to help you with this transition, just give us a call on 0477 640 308

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