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A black gas stovetop with five lit burners and five black control knobs sits elegantly on a white countertop, seamlessly integrating with the kitchen plumbing.

Expert Gas Appliance Installers

At DC Advance Plumbing, we have a  team of expert gas appliance installers. We install, maintain and repair gas installations for domestic and commercial property with efficiency and ease. Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, we’ll get it done. We strive to carry out gas plumbing installation and kitchen renovations using top quality materials. We work to achieve all home renovations to suit any budget with impeccable results, on time, every time.

Did you know your BBQ can connect to your natural gas supply? Few people do, but it means that you never have to worry about running out of bottled gas. Need a gas BBQ installation? Here at DC Advance Plumbing, our gas fitters are highly experienced and fully qualified for any challenge a BBQ may throw at them. They will arrive at your home promptly with a van fully stocked with the right tools and parts to get it done. 

Commercial and Residential

Gas is an incredible fuel source. In domestic and commercial settings, gas plumbing is available for many common uses. Gas cooking is more efficient in comparison to electric. It delivers immediate heat, that is consistent and reliable. This is why you’ll never see a commercial kitchen with anelectric stove top or oven. Did you know your BBQ can connect to your natural gas supply?

Few people do, but it means that you never have to worry about running out of bottled gas. It eliminates the need for coal and charcoal. Gas heating is very efficient, as well as being easy on the wallet. Gas heating appliances usually come with an excellent energy rating because they use very little electricity. This means that not only do they save you money, they’re also better for the environment.
New commercial kitchen setup with a stainless steel stove, an oven, and a water filter installation on the wall.

Why Choose DC Advance Plumbing?

Two large gas cylinders labeled '2' with a telephone number are connected by pipes to a Rinnai gas water heater mounted on a corrugated green wall, showcasing professional plumbing done by an experienced plumber.

Enjoy the benefits of gas

Our team offers a full range of domestic and commercial water heating services intending to increase its life. These include: 

  • Storage heaters
  • Instantaneous hot water heaters
  • Solar hot water heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Hydronic heating

All our hot water plumbing solutions and decision-making is geared toward your safety. As such, we only use top-notch quality material to ensure a safe, sound and reliable investment for years to come. Whether you’re looking at installing, replacing, or maintaining your existing hot water heater, we can help. Our team is very experienced in gas plumbing and hot water applications, so you’re in safe hands.

Hot Water

Do you know heating water typically forms the second-largest source of energy consumption in the residential and commercial sectors?  However, despite the prevalent use and significance, the development of an efficient hot water plumbing delivery system is often overlooked during the initial phases of construction.

It comes as no surprise that most homes, buildings, and commercial properties present today in the Hills District have poorly performed and ineffective delivery systems that waste large sums of the precious commodity. Besides, if your boiler, radiator or heating system is a few years old, you must definitely consider replacing it as a cost-effective strategy to limit your whopping monthly bills.

DC Advance Plumbing is proud of its sustainable practices in hot water plumbing, eco-friendly equipment, quality work, value for money and exceptional service. We believe and always recommend our customers to go for regular maintenance and servicing to avert the chances of heating and plumbing emergencies. An updated system will also operate much more efficiently with minimum energy and save you money.

Two large, cylindrical water heaters installed in an industrial setting, connected with a network of pipes on a stainless steel platform. With residential plumbing rigor and quality, the surrounding walls and ceiling are insulated.

Qualified and experienced

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