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There aren’t too many people that at some stage, or another has not been either directly affected, or know someone that has been affected by a blocked drain scenario.

Obviously, blocked drains are extremely unsanitary, however there are lots of other ramifications that can arise as a result of a blocked drain. Here’s a handful:


Unsanitary environment


Structural damage




Damage to carpets and floorboards


Damaged furniture and appliances


Irreparable drain damage

Thankfully, all of these are avoidable.

Blocked Drain Technology

Technology is constantly progressing when it comes to blocked drains. Through the various stages of investigation, detection, diagnosis and repair, there is always new and improved methods designed to enhance the results in these areas.

CCTV Drain Camera’s

All of our technicians’ trucks are equipped with CCTV Drain Camera’s that enable them to position and manoeuvre a camera within the drain. This technology allows them to see exactly what the problem is via a video monitor at ground level.

Service Location

We use highly advanced locating equipment that allows our technicians to pinpoint exactly where drains and other services lie, by tracking an electrical current that has been either attached to the service or inserted into the drain. This enables us to accurately establish the exact location of the service we’re tracking as well as the depth. It’s pretty clever.

For blocked drains in Blacktown, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Castle Hill, Kings Langley, Baulkham Hills and Seven Hills.

High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment

In addition to the drain camera’s and pipe locators, our vehicles are also fitted with ‘High Pressure Water Jetters’, which removes everything from silt and residue, right up to solid matter, tree roots and foreign objects.

Periodical Maintenance

We also offer a preventative program, that schedules us to attend your property periodically, so that we can address any recurring problems before they become a reality.

That way, we can be sure that your drains will always be clean, so you should never experience any surcharging.

Here are some typical signs that your drains may be blocked


Your floor drains are bubbling over


Your toilets, baths & showers are draining slowly


Bad smells


Gurgling drains


Overflowing gully's


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Blocked drains are the pits, literally. Imagine coming home after a long day at work, or after running errands or picking up your little one from a soccer match only to find water seeping through the front door because of a blocked pipe or drain. That’s a disaster you could live without. We know that these things don’t happen because you want them to. We also know that they are some of the things you want to avoid, but it does happen. What do when you need a plumber? Call DC Advance Plumbing for emergency block drain repairs!

Now that the year is in full swing, you may want to get your household drains checked for any blockage. Why? Simply because during December, you might have hosted a lot of playdates, family gatherings, barbeques, or pool parties and your kitchen and bathroom drain were subjected to plenty of flushes. Making sure that all pipes and drainage systems are in impeccable condition is an investment worth looking into.

We’re Here To Help You

At DC Advance Plumbing, we have a team of expert plumbers who understand how blocked drains can affect your family and neighbourhood. Regardless of the scenario, our professional plumbers are ready to take on the dirty work for you!

Why Repairing Blocked Drains And Pipes Is Important

The ramification of block drains in suburbs like Blacktown, Rouse Hill and Kellyville can cause unhealthy environments, structural damages, flooding and damage to carpets, floorboards, walls and ceilings, not forgetting drains themselves. So, don’t wait till it’s too late.

How We Get The Job Done

Often you might want to take on the job yourself, but DIY projects can only get you so far. With us, we get to the root of the problem. Using high-end technological equipment, we’re able to source out the problem and get to it. We’ll investigate, detect, diagnose and repair any fault we come across so that you can use your kitchen and bathrooms with peace of mind.

Using CCTV drain cameras, our technicians can manoeuvre to areas in your drain that the naked eye can’t see. We’ll be able to monitor the issue and thereafter use service locating equipment to precisely pinpoint the root cause for the blockage.

What’s Next?

Using high-pressure water jet equipment, we’ll jet through dirt, grime and anything else blocking your drain and remove from slit and residue. That’s not all. We also perform periodic maintenance to address any issue that may arise once we’ve done our job. Sounds good? Call us today.

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