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Four Trends To Consider For Bathroom Renovations in Woodcroft

note of these ideas about bathroom renovationmonths, nothing can brighten up your mood like a home renovation. We all need some reinventing every now and then. While many trends come and go, we’re excited about some bathroom renovations designs, and hopefully, some of these capture your creative flare. Take note of these ideas about bathroom renovation in Woodcroft. Happy renovating!

Bathroom Renovation Tip #1 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

For centuries mirrors have been predominant fixtures. Today, more than ever before, we’re getting a lot more creative with how we use mirrors in our bathrooms. From unique frames to multiple mirrors that create spatial illusions, they can be a fun addition to any bathroom.

There are countless mirror designs to choose from, in any style. If you like vintage designs, why not spend some time looking through antique stores or thrift shops? You might find something you like. Alternatively, you can look for modern styled mirrors online.

Bathroom Renovation Trend #2: A Win With Dark & Bold Walls 

Different shades of white, grey and blue have always been featured in most bathrooms because these colours represent cleanliness and freshness. But, just like the times, that too has changed. Today, a splash of black, dark teal, midnight blue or charcoal may just be the most liberating change of scenery you’ve ever made.

Take this time to explore and play around with decor and finishes as well that will make the space pop. But before you commit, it’s important to remember that dark colours make a room look smaller, so instead of painting all four walls, try having one accent wall in a dark colour, and the rest in brighter shades, or white.

Bathroom Renovation Trend #3: Stop Matching Motifs, Mix Them

Matching tiles are overrated. As tempting as it may be, try to switch things up, especially throughout a room. The new trend of tile motifs that stylishly complement each other is the way to go; from walls to floors. By going this route, you’ll turn your bathroom into a creative space of art.

Bathroom Renovation Trend #4: Ensuite Open Plan Bathroom

If you barely close the door to your ensuite bathroom, get rid of anything that’s a barrier. A bathtub in the middle of the room is the new opulence! Create an area you can enjoy time in that flows from room to room!

Are you looking for more ideas on how your next bathroom renovation in Woodcroft can transform your entire home in Woodcroft? Contact DC Advance Plumbing today!

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