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Automatic Pet Water Bowl

Never Let Your Pet Go Thirsty Again!

There is no doubt that keeping your pet well-hydrated is important, but it can be a hassle to remember to refill their water bowl. Why not take the hassle out of it by investing in the Automatic Pet Water Bowl so your pet will never go thirsty again!

The DC Advance Plumbing automatic pet water bowl is the perfect solution for busy pet owners. This innovative and patent-pending technology ensures your pet has constant access to a fresh, filtered bowl of water – without the worry of overflow or leaks.  This stainless steel feeder/water trough features one float valve that will activate when the water level gets low, keeping your pet hydrated and healthy.

DC Advance Plumbing can quickly install this great product, so your pets can start benefitting from access to fresh water all day long. This bowl is especially great for hot climates such as here in Australia since we experience very high temperatures during the summer months which can leave our furry friends dangerously dehydrated! Call us to get your Automatic Pet Water Bowl installed today.

automatic pet water bowl

Why Choose The Automatic Pet Water Bowl?

DC Advance Plumbing

Constant Access To Fresh Water

Help your animals stay healthy by providing them with a constant source of fresh, cool water. This specially designed bowl slopes away from you to make accessing and cleaning easy for all types of animals! The automatic water bowl is so safe and reliable because it’s made with BPA-free, human safe materials. The bowl will last a lifetime since all of its parts can be replaced if they wear out or become damaged.

What’s better than a dog that is happy? An automatic water bowl installed in your house! The benefits of having this bowl for pets include not only easing your pet’s life but also increasing its health and immunity. If you’re like most people who work hard all day long then chances are high that when coming home at night time there isn’t enough fresh water available to your pet, which can lead them into dehydration quickly unless they have access 24/7.


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