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5 Signs of Blocked Drains in Castle Hill

Detecting a blocked drain can be challenging. Only when your day-to-day activities are affected might you consider checking your system. Ignoring a blocked drain in your Castle Hill home or business can lead to escalating problems costing you far too much time and money to fix. Here are a few signs that you can look out for to determine if you have a blocked drain.

  1.   Slow Draining Water

One of the most common signs of a blocked drain is water going down the drain slower than usual – whether it be in the sink, bath or shower. When water begins to pool at your feet when showering, or there’s an overflow at the edge, then you’ll have picked up the general symptom. If left unfixed, there will be more damage later on.

  1.   Foul Odour

Bad smells can really set you off. However, one of the best ways to tell whether you have a blocked drain is by sniffing foul odours in the house. Blocked drains usually emit foul smells due to anything clogging up the drainage system that’s starting to rot or decompose.

  1.   Gurgling Sounds

Pipes that give off strange noises are another sign of blocked drains. Any gurgling sound from your drain, toilet or sink drains means that something is trapped in the pipeline because of a blockage.

  1.   Check Out The Flush

Water levels in your toilet tend to rise when there’s a blockage, especially when you flush. Should there even be an overflow, the best thing is to call in a professional to check out the problem.

  1.   It’s All In The Dampened Walls

Damp walls and floors are an indication that a drain may have collapsed and this will need immediate attention. When not attended to, significant problems can occur. As soon as you see any damp patches in your home or business, get in touch with a drain specialist to assess the situation.

We hope that you will pay serious attention to these signs and make sure that you get a hold of a professional to fix the problem. At DC Advance Plumbing, we have dedicated our lives to addressing plumbing problems, including blocked drains in Castle Hill. You can reach us at 0477 640 308 or via email ay info@dcadvance.com.au.

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